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Whether you want to FINALLY lose that pesky weight or just want to learn how to clean-up your family’s “food act,” Linda Shapiro, Meal Planning Maven can help! Just read what some of her Shining Star Clients have to say...

  • Toni M. (IN)
    I cannot say enough about Linda’s help these last couple of months. Several years ago I had lost 20 pounds using The Fat Flush Plan™. I had stalled and still needed to lose more. After seeing my weight yo- yo and gaining 10 pounds, I decided this fall that I really needed to get serious again and lose the weight.
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  • Deanne H. (NJ)
    Linda is truly professional, knowledgeable and caring. Over the years, I had been eating ‘on the run’ by frequently grabbing a diet soda and protein bar. With Linda’s help, I am now back on track to eating healthfully with real foods. All of my aches and pains disappeared with my successful completion of the 2 week Smoothie Shakedown™ followed by
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  • Becca S. (KY)
    I desperately needed a personal meal planner! I have been working with the Linda (a.k.a.) Meal Planning Maven for almost a year. I came to Linda desperate for help. I work a 50 hour week, am in school full time and have a very active 5 year old picky eater. My family dinners consisted of quick “out of the box”
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  • Jenn N. (NC)
    I have been able to lose 13 pounds and 18 1/2 inches working with Linda! It was incredibly easy to do when I had the Meal Planning Maven planning everything out and coaching me along the way. I have PCOS & Hypothyroidism and thought it was going to be a lot harder & extremely slower to getting this weight off.
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  • Barb M. (NC)
    I finally realized I HAD to do something about this weight gain! While I didn’t have a great deal of weight to lose, I needed to do something different with my diet to lose the few pounds and inches that had crept on and would not go matter what I was doing. So, I was surfing on the web
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  • Chanté P. (FL)
    I suffered from bloating, moodiness, night sweats, cramps, and irregular periods every month for 6 months. Little did I know that working with Linda Shapiro, Meal Planning Maven along with doing the Smoothie Shakedown™ would take care of all these symptoms. In two weeks I lost 6 ¾ inches and 6 pounds. I am really pleased. As a fitness professional
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  • Melody M. (TN)
    I found Linda at a pretty desperate time in my life. I had been diagnosed with a thyroid condition and was struggling with my weight. Unfortunately, in my search to find a way to keep the pounds off with a sluggish metabolism, I stumbled on several unhealthy weight loss methods. I had begun a vicious cycle of binging and then
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  • Julie C. (NJ)
    Doing Food Coaching with Meal Planning Maven was the best way to get myself back on track! With great personal feedback, I was able to eat right, stay fit, and I learned to love my healthy lifestyle. Thanks for all your great help MPM!   More Success Stories Food Coaching Personal Meal Planning Shakedown Coaching Meet Meal Planning Maven Can
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