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If you knew you could melt away unwanted "pudge" by simply enjoying 2 yummy smoothies, 1 hearty meal plus healthy snacks each day for just 2 weeks, would you do it? I did…read my inspiring story!

Created by best-selling author of the Fat Flush™ series of books and plans, Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, the two week Smoothie Shakedown™ has generated excitement nationwide! Many of my clients as well as myself have experienced tremendous success with this program which is why I'm excited to act as your Personal Shakedown Coach!

Check out the Buzz!

Your Smoothie Shakedown™ Coaching Plan Includes:

  • E-mail and/or phone support
  • Access to my unique Food And Activity Tracker including daily feedback
  • Fun and easy meal and snack ideas
  • Delicious and satisfying smoothie recipes
  • Craving-busting tips
  • Coping with parties, office lunches, vacations and more
  • Upon completion, help choosing a healthy eating path for either continued weight loss or maintenance, based on goals

Intrigued? Contact Linda for additional information and fees.


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