The Pantry

Pantry-Stocking Savvy

Knowing how to properly stock your pantry, fridge and freezer is a necessary tool for smart meal planning. Once you know the basics, never again will you be unprepared when asked to make a dish for an impromptu dinner party or a spur-of-the-moment barbecue. But more importantly, you’ll be equipped with the know-how to help take the drudgery out of your daily meal planning.

Buyer Beware

Every day the number of healthy foods out there in the markets becomes more widely available. Once limited to organic and specialty food stores, many of these foods are now readily available in our local supermarkets. But just because a food is labeled as natural or organic does not mean it is necessarily healthy! These days, you have to be a label-reading detective as many supposed healthy foods contain high amounts of sugars and sodium as well as preservatives and additives.

Be Selective While Keeping Your Budget in Mind

I am happy to share with you my personal collection of favorite foods and kitchen gadget essentials. But do keep in mind, just because a food or perhaps a gadget is on the list, that doesn’t mean I want you go out and buy it immediately. These lists are meant purely as guidelines to help you in your quest for healthy eating and more simple food preparation. Also, when it comes to fresh food, be careful not to buy more than you can use in a week. Not only will you potentially blow your food budget, but you also risk having food spoil. So please be selective according to your taste and budget.