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Could Food Coaching Be Your “Missing Link?” If you’ve been unsuccessful in past attempts to eat healthy and/or lose weight (and keep it off!), you owe it to yourself to see what I can offer you. Having worked in the nutrition field for many years as well as having maintained a significant weight loss, I would be most delighted to share my secrets and partner with you to FINALLY achieve the slim body you deserve! Just want to “clean up your food act” or learn to eat healthfully without breaking the bank? I would love to work with you!

Food Coaching covers the topics that are important to you. Creating quick and healthy meals and snacks, conquering food boredom, smart food shopping and kitchen prep, attacking the “craving monster,” savvy restaurant choices, losing annoying “pudge,” and more.

    • I am responsive to your needs. . I will support you in a way that works best for your budget and lifestyle. I am very flexible and am happy to communicate with you by e-mail and/or phone as well as video conferencing applications such as Skype™ and Google Hangout™. My clients credit regular chats as an important tool for staying focused and accomplishing goals! (If you are local to my area, we can arrange to work together in person as well.)


    • Private client tracking program. My clients will tell you that completing daily food and activity trackers are the key to staying motivated! Unique to my coaching program, (and depending on your goals), you will have the ability to conveniently track your progress using my unique program. In turn, I will send you feedback as well as offer tips and tweaks to help maximize your outcome.


  • I specialize in the Fat Flush™ family of plans by Ann Louise Gittleman, C.N.S. Ph.D. I am a 12 year veteran who has lost a large amount of weight, (and kept it off!) thanks to these amazing programs. I also worked for seven years creating and/or assisting with the menus and recipes for several of Ms. Gittleman's books. No matter how much you’d like to lose, I would be delighted to act as your Food Coach based on any of these smart-eating, results-driven plans.

Whether weight loss is your goal or you just want to feel more in control of your meal planning in terms of budget and food choices, let me act as your coach!

Contact me for additional Food Coaching information including fees.

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