Grilled Asian Burgers ‘n Pineapple with a Fantastic Slaw

As I am taking a much needed summer blogging break, here are two of our grilling favorites from the archives… Living in Florida, we are so lucky to be able to grill all year long. My husband and I love challenging each other to think “outside the box” instead of relying on our “tried ‘n...
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Sweet ‘n Tangy BBQ Salmon

When temperatures begin climbing and outdoor cooking becomes more the norm, we turn to grilling our beloved hot dogs, burgers, steaks and chicken. But did you ever think about grilling salmon?
  With this simple technique and an appropriately timed light brushing of my flavor-packed Sweet ‘n Tangy BBQ Sauce, a little...
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Grilled Pepper Caprese Salad

First, a very Happy Father’s Day to all who are celebrating! (PSSST! Having a BBQ and need some menu inspiration? LOOK HERE!) Nothing screams “summer” like a beautiful Caprese salad, especially when temperatures soar and spending lots of time in the kitchen is the last thing you want to do.