MPM’s 10 Most Popular Recipes for 2017

HAPPY 2018! What a crazy time 2017 was for Meal Planning Maven and ME! While MPM thrived, personally this past year was filled with some pretty serious challenges, including having to board up and evacuate from very dangerous Category 4 Hurricane Irma, (soon after having a total knee replacement) which literally went right over our house, loss of a dear family member as well as some serious family health issues (thankfully now resolved) just to name a few. Nevertheless, I somehow managed continuing to experiment with different types of ingredients and new preparation techniques which definitely kept me on my toes. And I am finally the proud owner of a new INSTANT POT …took long enough, I know! LOL!

I had a blast “meeting” so many of my Facebook fans (now 37,500+!), many who have become close personal friends. Participation in our nightly “What’s for Dinner at Your House” chats continue to grow and each night I’m amazed at the variety of easy, delicious and budget-friendly meals our gang comes up with! Lots of recipe sharing and foodie photos too! You can find us on my Facebook page Sunday-Friday at 8:30 PM EST and Saturdays at 7:30 PM EST. Pop in anytime! Hope to ceeya there! Also my Pinterest, Yummly and Twitter followers are steadily climbing and hope you decide to join me there as well.
As I mentioned in last year’s wrap-up post, I’m still not certain yet which direction my blog will take next. However, I do know I must continue to work harder to create better balance in my life which means I cannot devote as much time to blogging as in previous years. While I ABSOLUTEY ADORE what I do, I also crave more time to spend enjoying being with family and friends, working with my clients, as well as exploring what makes ME happy at this stage of my life. My favorite mantra “I can do anything, but I can’t do everything” (author unknown) are words I live by daily and will continue to guide my choices throughout this coming year and beyond.
I do know this…whatever comes out of my kitchen in 2018 promises to be fun, YUM, made with whole food ingredients and won’t wreak havoc with your food budget. Lastly, please consider popping into my posts by leaving me a few kind words as hearing from you always makes my day! Thank you for listening and for sticking by Meal Planning Maven and ME!

Top Ten MPM Recipes for 2017!











Pssst! If you missed any of these wonderful recipes, just pop over to my Blog Archives where each post is listed by month and year. Or perhaps you just feel like exploring MPM’s world of healthy, easy to make dishes that won’t break the bank? Then bookmark my Recipe Box where a vast array of goodies from every category await your discovery!

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I would like to take a moment to thank each one of you for all your support this past year! I wish you the Happiest and Healthiest New Year EVER and look forward to sharing recipes, menu inspirations and meal planning tips with you in 2018!!!

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  1. There's definitely some of my favourites in this wonderful collection of recipes, Linda! I totally understand your desire for more time for family and friends - I am feeling the same thing. I wish you a wonderful year ahead, and look forward to your yummy recipes, my friend!

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