Jeweled Israeli Couscous

Guess what? You can easily elevate the taste of ordinary couscous (which served plain can be just a tad boring) to the next level with the simple addition of these colorful "mix-in's ."
  This snap-to-prepare dish adds lots of pizazz to your weeknight "sides" and will look gorgeous on your company dinner table...
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Crockpot “Rotisserie” Chicken ‘n Vegetables

According to the calendar it certainly is spring, yet I continue to hear cries about lots of stubborn cold weather still hanging about! Well, I have the PERFECT dish for your family which bridges the gap beautifully between winter and spring dinners. How does a “rotisserie” chicken simmering away in your slow cooker sound to...
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Sheet Pan Roasted Root Veggies

DID YOU KNOW??? Roasted root veggies are considered nature’s “candy !”
  During the roasting process, naturally occurring sugars slowly caramelize until the veggies are just crispy on the outside yet soft and creamy on the inside- making them soooooooo incredibly sweet!
  Complete Vegetable Recipe Collection   As these veggie gems are quite...
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